Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation 2012

     Hey, y'all!

     Been a while since I posted! Sorry about that! Expect a lot more out of me in coming days... finally getting into the swing of things since graduation and plus VACATION is finally here! I am writing now from a cozy bed at the Ron Jon Resort in Cocoa Beach. Despite tropical storm Debbie keeping us confined to indoors, the trip has been relaxing and enjoyable. Unfortunately for my Top Secret money stash, I did a little internet shopping while Husband napped all day. It always makes me a little jittery to spend money... is that just me? Anyways, I'm trying to ignore my jitters because what I got is SO stinkin' cool! Let me show you...

     Meet the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. Perhaps you are in the loop and have seen the cute little Instax pics that have been buzzing around the net... I had not (or hadn't realized it, rather) and just in case you are like me and have been outside that elusive "loop" since conception... this is for you! The Instax cameras are a series of instant cameras. The modern day Polaroids. I spent about 3-4 hours today researching the different models and manufacturers and it seems that Fujifilm is the go-to here. Polaroid has one eerily similar model, but it wasn't what I was looking for. Also from what I read via Amazon, the Polaroid and Fujifilm film cartridges are able to be used on either manufacturer's camera. Since the ONE downfall to this camera is film price, that is important information to note.

     Once I discovered this AFFORDABLE little gem, it took me hours to decide between which make and model I wanted, but I finally chose the Instax Mini 25 because it prints the smaller size photos (film about the size of a credit card- picture slightly smaller to account for border), has settings for lightness and darkness and has 2 shutter buttons for ease of taking horizontal or vertical pictures. I guess I can't say for sure how good the product is until I receive mine, but rest assured I will be posting like mad about it once it arrives! For a girl like me who NEVER gets pictures printed (I have good intentions, truly), I feel like this little guy is gonna be my secret weapon!

     In other news, yesterday Hubz, his Papa and I went fishing from the beach yesterday. My first time fishing in the ocean! LITERALLY standing in the ocean, people! Kinda scary when you consider I was wearing a fanny pack full of frozen shrimp in a shark-house! Once I caught the first fish of the day, I got a little braver though. ;] Here we are still pasty white after our first day here...

Happy summer!  What plans do you have for making the most of it?

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