Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project Life

     Project Life. I've been dying, aching, tremendously longing to do one! One thing which has slowed me down is the availability of the products. They're always sold out on Amazon! Another thing holding me back is that it isn't the beginning of the year or a significant date. My birthday is less than a month away though and I was thinking, wouldn't it be a great birthday gift to yourself (or someone else) to complete the year-long project on your birthday? Another year older and able to truly reflect back on the previous year. The turn of the new year is always a busy time for us anyway. Now if only I could get my hands on the products...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down...

     Welp. Another rainy day of vacation for us. We actually managed to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps today, however, and make it off of resort property. We ran by Wal-Mart and picked up some of the good stuff- Double Stuf Oreos! Then we visited a local mall where I (somehow) convinced the world's best in-laws to crowd into a clearly undersized photobooth with my husband and me! I LOVE photobooths! Hubz even proposed with one and I designed our wedding invites to look like photostrips..., but those are stories for another day.

     For some reason, this mall had a cousin to the dollar store called "DollarStar." I've never heard of a dollar store within a mall, but I nonetheless was excited. So excited, in fact, that I indeed RAN into the store... I was looking for kitty sombreros and other items to use as feline hatwear, but no luck. Instead, I loaded up on different sized doilies and some postal stickers for under $6. I was hoping to find some foam adhesive dots, but the cashier wasn't as enthused about the idea of scavenging through the aisles in search of them as myself. Anyway, after poking our heads in a few stores, we watched Snow White and the Huntsman. When the movie was over and we went outside, the SUN was finally out! We were so excited to have even a few hours of beach/sunshine time! It was a dirty, celestial trick though. By the time we got back to the room and enjoyed some Oreos and milk, the skies were already black and the winds were roaring. Seriously, Florida? I just seen the sun, the blue sky and the white fluffy clouds all from the parking lot! Oh well. Any time we get away from the farm is a vacation to us. We tend to be workaholics if left to our own devices. We can't even go outside in this weather so we are being coerced into naps, movies and scrapbook videos via YouTube... No complaints here. My Hubby deserves it. ;]


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation 2012

     Hey, y'all!

     Been a while since I posted! Sorry about that! Expect a lot more out of me in coming days... finally getting into the swing of things since graduation and plus VACATION is finally here! I am writing now from a cozy bed at the Ron Jon Resort in Cocoa Beach. Despite tropical storm Debbie keeping us confined to indoors, the trip has been relaxing and enjoyable. Unfortunately for my Top Secret money stash, I did a little internet shopping while Husband napped all day. It always makes me a little jittery to spend money... is that just me? Anyways, I'm trying to ignore my jitters because what I got is SO stinkin' cool! Let me show you...

     Meet the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. Perhaps you are in the loop and have seen the cute little Instax pics that have been buzzing around the net... I had not (or hadn't realized it, rather) and just in case you are like me and have been outside that elusive "loop" since conception... this is for you! The Instax cameras are a series of instant cameras. The modern day Polaroids. I spent about 3-4 hours today researching the different models and manufacturers and it seems that Fujifilm is the go-to here. Polaroid has one eerily similar model, but it wasn't what I was looking for. Also from what I read via Amazon, the Polaroid and Fujifilm film cartridges are able to be used on either manufacturer's camera. Since the ONE downfall to this camera is film price, that is important information to note.

     Once I discovered this AFFORDABLE little gem, it took me hours to decide between which make and model I wanted, but I finally chose the Instax Mini 25 because it prints the smaller size photos (film about the size of a credit card- picture slightly smaller to account for border), has settings for lightness and darkness and has 2 shutter buttons for ease of taking horizontal or vertical pictures. I guess I can't say for sure how good the product is until I receive mine, but rest assured I will be posting like mad about it once it arrives! For a girl like me who NEVER gets pictures printed (I have good intentions, truly), I feel like this little guy is gonna be my secret weapon!

     In other news, yesterday Hubz, his Papa and I went fishing from the beach yesterday. My first time fishing in the ocean! LITERALLY standing in the ocean, people! Kinda scary when you consider I was wearing a fanny pack full of frozen shrimp in a shark-house! Once I caught the first fish of the day, I got a little braver though. ;] Here we are still pasty white after our first day here...

Happy summer!  What plans do you have for making the most of it?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Saturday morning, y'all!

     I was up at the crack of dawn this morning and let me tell ya, it is a strange feeling to be freezing COLD when you know that afternoon temperatures will be flirting with the high 90s! We had a cold front move in last night and I'm actually quite glad because that meant RAIN! Luke Bryan said it best, "Where I come from, rain is a good thing!" We definitely needed it. Anywho, since I got my chores done this morning, I have a scrapbook how-to to share with you!
     Here is a page I recently made using the Cocoa Daisy kit for the month of May, Graffiti Bridge. The colors in this month's kit were perfect for scrapbooking the pictures I've been saving of my MIL! I created this page was created as part of my Design Team Application to Chattering Robins! WooWoo! Let me show you the steps I used to make this page!

     Usually I try to make pages quickly because I already have WAY more pictures than I could ever scrapbook in one lifetime, but at the same time I like to give each page a *pop* of interest! To create interest on this page, I chose to do a paint technique using bubble wrap. There are SO many options of utilizing old "junk" on your scrapbook pages. Ordinarily, I would pop all the bubbles on the bubble wrap like a madwoman and then simply chunk it in the trash. Resist! The paint effect is worth it!

     The technique will vary depending on how much paint you put on the bubble wrap and whether or not you choose to add other elements such as more paint, colors, inks, etc. I chose to use one color (white) and to add more paint directly to the bubble wrap using a DRY paint brush after about 2 or 3 "stamps" of the bubble wrap directly onto the cardstock. After putting a relatively thin coat of paint on the bubble wrap, spread the paint around evenly to create perfect little circles. I occasionally leave a little glob here and there for added interest. Gently rub the bubble wrap with your fingers to make sure all the bubbles are sticking to the cardstock and then start at one end and slowly lift the wrap away. You will notice after 2 or 3 stamps, the wrap will begin to create a diminished effect. You can see the diminished effect on the outer edges of the above picture. I think it would be really cool to do this bubble wrap paint technique and then doodle over it! Maybe I'll do that on my next page!

     After stamping the bubble wrap onto the cardstock and blasting it with a heat gun, I matted my photo on 2 patterned papers from the Graffiti Bridge kit and inked the edges and I stitched "1974" on a tag I cut out.
     After that, I played with the layout of the page. It'll be a cold day in July before I sketch before making a layout. I always have good intentions and I create some great sketches, but it is always easier for me to make the design in the moment when I can see how all the elements come together. I do love to use already made sketches though, especially when I am lacking inspiration!

     After finally deciding on this configuration, I inked the edges of a few of the elements and glued everything down! The page was still lacking that "something" when I finished gluing, so I used the little extra strip (that you have to cut off 12x12 paper that has the barcode on the other side) to make a banner to go under my picture. I also added the title using Thickers and Jillibean Soup and some BLING! I LOVE my bling! I have a whole drawer dedicated to it... and some on the shelf! Guilty!


     If you like the bling I used, you can find similar bling at The Robins' Nest !
Here's the finished product...

     What do you think? Do you think the Chattering Robin's will like it? Don't you agree that the colors of the picture go PERFECTLY with the Cocoa Daisy kit? Well, I'm off the enjoy the rest of my Saturday outside picking blackberries and walking the fence lines. Hope you have a great day and enjoy this cold spell if you're in the South! :]

                                                                             - Leah