Monday, July 2, 2012

It's the Little Things...

     I was making a card for my BFF & Pen Pal, A, on Saturday and while making the card I created a neat little addition to the card, which I haven't seen before, and I thought I'd share it with you all here!
     First, here's the card I stuck in the mail for her (SPOILER ALERT if you're reading this, A!)-


     Now onto the little technique I have to share with you today! When I was making the card, I wanted to add a little extra detail by adding a photo corner, but I don't necessarily always like the look of photo corners. In my stash, I had some glass beads (Rusty Pickle, perhaps?) and I thought I wanted to add some kind of necklace-type embellishment. 

     I threaded the little glass beads on some thread from my sewing supplies (if you can get this accomplished, the hard work is done!)...

      ...and then taped down the empty thread-area under the corner of the picture.

      Then all that is left is to simply slide in your picture and adjust based on how you want your photo's "necklace" to hang. Ba-da-bing. Easy and stylish. Don't you love when that happens? 

     When was the last time you sent some snail mail? I'm sure you know someone who would love to receive some! Happy crafting!


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